My mother was a singer and a songwriter who was making it pretty big; big enough to be on television in Nashville. My dad, in the service at the time, saw her on TV and knew she was the woman he was going to marry. He found her performing in Nashville and convinced his friends to stage a fight so he could save the girl of his dreams. He did save her, and then he married her. The soldier moved the singer/songwriter to Washington State, and gone was her music career, yet she never stopped writing.


        So often, we find ourselves intertwined with dreams that came long before we did. We become keepers of the flame; the fortunate ones who find the passion to keep a legacy alive. For singer/songwriter Lena Paige, what began as a desire to record her mother’s songs and hear them on the radio has blossomed into the start of a successful career in country music.

        Born in Renton Washington, Lena Paige grew up like any other kid. Her father worked, her mother ran the house, and she had her own activities to stay busy.  A cowgirl through and through with a deep love for her horses, music was not at the top of Paige’s list of potential careers when she was young. Though Paige did love to sing, she did not take an active interest in writing until she was fifteen and she collaborated on a song with her mom, titled “Roses in December”. It was then that Paige began to understand the importance of the songs she grew up with. They weren’t simply her mother scratching a creative itch; they were her family legacy, her mother’s heart, and words she could keep with her forever.

        Paige always kept music in her life as a hobby, but passionately pursued her work with horses as her first career. After the suicide of her first husband, Paige found herself working at a horse facility in Woodinville, Washington which led to a major turning point in her life. Devastated, Paige turned away from everything she found familiar, relocated herself to Detroit and took up a new job as a flight attendant. It was while she was based in Detroit that Paige would begin her music career with a bang.  After singing casually for local gigs with Ty Stone and the Inside Outlaws, Paige decided to relocate to Nashville. After relocating, Paige was asked to sing backup vocals for Stone, produced by Kid Rock. The experience with Kid Rock inspired Paige to begin work on her own career in music. Although she developed very close friendships and was on the right track in music in Nashville, a divorce from her second husband would cause Paige to relocate from Nashville back to Washington, where she could surround herself with the comforts of home and the support of her family.

        Back in Washington state with nearly two decades of life experience, tragedy, loss, and her mother’s old legal pads full of thousands of songs, Paige is going for round two with Music City. With Kent Wells and his expert team on her side, she is making good on her dreams of producing her mother’s music for radio and distribution with an upcoming collection of classic country songs. It is right here, right now, where every seemingly separate path in Paige’s life suddenly make sense together. The cowgirl tethered to the land, the weary traveler in search of home, the nostalgic country singer; Lena Paige has rediscovered her roots in the powerful words of her mother and a deep joy in bringing them to life with her own voice. As she walks hand in hand with her mother for the rest of her days, their voices will walk hand in hand forever in music.

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